About Us


Our pursuit of building the Best Girls School in Kenya is guided by our vision, mission and core values that we ascribe to. We seek to hold ourselves and each of our team members accountable for demonstrating them every day.

School background

The year 2015 is a significant period in our historical continuum as MEC. In the undulating ridges hills and forests of Otacho village.

Kakrao ward Migori County   - A simple day girl school (Migori Education Centre) with only 35 students was established with the founder John Adoli as the pioneer head.

From these humble beginnings and through time the school has grown in leaps and bounds to stamp its authority and spread it's tenacity in terms of academic prowess across the nation. This endeavor saw the school elevated to a County school.

With such a rich background, Migori Education Centre christened 'MEC' is marching on to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of its founder - An oasis of quenching the academic thirst of the girl child, transforming girls into women and churning out students who are all round and ready to serve in our nation and beyond our borders with discipline, diligence and dedication-attributes that are intrinsically embedded in the school's motto – Impact & Inspire knowledge

Long Live the Mighty MEC!


Our paramount objective is to deliver exceptional education. We strive for excellence by partnering with the best educators and school operators in the country. Our school has since inception moved strides to be recognized as one of the Best Girls School in Nyanza region of Kenya and among the best performing in the country.  Our experienced and highly-qualified educators are well-trained and amply prepared to guide our students toward realizing their full academic potential.

Enrichment & development

We strive to offer our students a whole-life experience that goes beyond the classroom. Our schools offer compelling co-curricular activities that are both challenging and fun, and ample opportunities for students to develop their talents outside of the classroom. It is our belief that a quality education encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities across multiple platforms.